about us

OPUS is a boutique fitness studio focusing on the use of the Power Plate®, a scientifically proven, whole body vibration exercise system.

Power Plate® vibrates your body so muscles contract and relax multiple times per second. Muscles work harder so results are much faster whether you’re stretching or holding a position.

Our qualified instructors tailor routines to best suit each individual's desired results. And with the additional use of the TRX®, ViPR® and Clubbell® in our exercise programs, OPUS guarantees the most effective way to achieve your desired fitness and weight loss goals.

We are located in the heart of Central (5 min walk from Central MTR station), and as a boutique fitness studio, classes are a maximum of 3 person, which offer you a higher level of privacy and undivided attention from your trainer.

If you are looking to lose body fat, reduce cellulite, improve your strength, agility, flexibility, and overall fitness level, Power Plate® training is for you! Work your ENTIRE body on the Power Plate® platform with a wide range of fun, innovative fitness techniques.

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rocky koo -
personal trainer

At the helm of Opus Studio is Rocky Koo, a former finance manager who quit the corporate world 6 years ago to bring the benefits of the Power Plate under his own unique view. Rocky Koo has always been passionate about health and fitness. From his days of varsity football and track and field, to his love of rock climbing, hiking and cross country running, Rocky’s commitment to peak performance and an active lifestyle has driven him to excel at everything he does.

With over 4 years’ experience in Power Plate® training, Rocky’s philosophy is simple; “I believe in consistency. If you exercise and are pushed to a point where you don’t enjoy it, you simply won’t do it anymore. Power Plate® is unique in that the huge variety of things you can do with it makes it ever changing and exciting. All of my clients come back because they enjoy the work out and want to do it.”

Power Plate—you know, that vibrating pedestal that causes your muscles to contract 30 to 50 times a second just by standing on it. Not only does that equal a serious burn, but it’s also highly efficient; several sources claim 30 minutes of this method, dubbed Whole Body Vibrational Training (WBVT), equals 90 minutes of traditional exercise.

  • Certified Personal Trainer – NASM
  • Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer – AASFP
  • Certified Power Plate Trainer
  • Certified TRX Suspension Trainer
  • Certified ViPR Instructor
  • S.ScH Psychology – Queen’s University
  • B.Sc Biochemistry – Queen’s University
  • Fluent in Cantonese, English, Mandarin, Shanghainese